Why do I practice Chi Gung?

  • My life became more rich and enjoyable when I directly experienced my own Chi (meaning energy or life-force).
  • There was no mystery or initiation ritual required to discover it, just steady and regular practice of Dragon & Tiger Chi Gung at a beginner’s skill level.
  • Initially, the practice made me aware of my physical body and more responsible for the choices I made that directly affect it e.g. diet, work, exercise and sleep.
  • With more practice, it made me aware of the energy of everyday emotions and with that awareness, the maturity to understand and resolve the root cause.
  • Currently, the practice is helping me to become aware of my mental habits, opinions and conditioning that limits me in daily life, a process that requires both courage and perseverance.
  • With greater awareness of how worldly interaction affects my own energy levels, the practice has bestowed a deeper understanding of myself and consequently allows greater honesty and compassion in my relationships.

Does Chi Gung really work?

“After the Cultural Revolution in China, Tai chi and qigong managed to keep health matters as stable as they could be kept given the poor sanitation and starvation diet most lived with. For the Chinese to get through this incredibly rough period, from the mid-1950s on, it is estimated that between 100 and 200 million people practiced tai chi or qigong daily. Qigong is currently becoming more popular than tai chi in urban environments because available space keeps getting tighter in China, and qigong requires less of it.

Tai chi and qigong are the only internal energy systems that have actually been practiced by and have worked for large masses of a population. Yoga practitioners never exceeded one percent of India’s population. Considering the parallels between the problems presented by the West’s aging population and what China went through, it is encouraging that qigong methods can serve as a model for preventing a great deal of the medical misery that our increased elderly population will most certainly be confronting. Socialized medicine alone is not the answer; many European countries with socialized medicine are facing the same problems. Aging populations that require high-tech medical care simply create too much expense to bear.”

Master Bruce Frantzis – Energy Arts ( www.energyarts.com )

What are the Benefits of Chi Gung?

  • Relaxes the muscles and allows energy to flow through the body.
  • Reduce stress and balances the emotions and internal organs.
  • Deepens your breathing and improves oxygen flow.
  • Relaxes and strengthens the nerves for greater body awareness.
  • Improves blood circulation by increasing the elasticity of blood vessels.
  • Improves balance, reducing risk of injury (including fall prevention).
  • Improves the recovery time from injuries and operations.
  • Builds athletic capacity and generates greater power (for martial arts).
  • Improves circulation, concentration and comfort for sedentary workers (or the bed-ridden).
  • Can be practiced by the elderly, weak, frail or immobile.

What is Innerchi’s purpose?

  • The Australian health system is working very hard to cater for rising rates of chronic health problems and an ageing population.
  • The primary objective of Innerchi is to teach Chi Gung exercises that will assist people to improve their level of general health and circulation.
  • Innerchi provides detailed Chi Gung instruction in a very practical and hands-on way. This will ensure that your practice is experiential, and not just about providing mental concepts.
  • Innerchi has been established after 10 years of personal practice of the Energy Arts™ Chi Gung system, and recent Certification as an Energy Arts Instructor. For more information please visit www.energyarts.com
  • Innerchi teaches Chi Gung exercise practices that can have a physical, mental, and emotional impact. Please read this medical disclaimer for further information.