Who is your Instructor?


Hi, I am Hugo Douglas and in 2012 I certified as a Dragon & Tiger Chi Gung Instructor by Bruce Frantzis as part of his Energy Arts Program on Maui, Hawaii 2012.

Prior to this I had been practicing the Energy Arts Qigong Exercise System for around 10 years, including Dragon & Tiger, Opening the Energy Gates, and Heaven & Earth Qigong, after attending workshops and classes whilst living in London, UK.

I am passionate about integrating Eastern energetic practices into daily living and exercise. I have enjoyed studying a broad range of practices including Tai Chi (via Taoist Tai Chi Society), Iyengar Yoga, and energy healing therapies.

I look forward to teaching you these amazing tools to better health, and assisting you with your ongoing practice.

Energy Arts instructors are re-certified every two years to ensure that they are keeping up their practice and to ensure they maintain a high standard of teaching quality.