What is Chi Gung (Qi Gong)?

Chi Gung is generally defined as a form of gentle exercise, consisting of external and internal movements designed specifically for self-healing and to cultivate personal energy (known as ‘chi’).

However, the words don’t really tell the true story, much like the dictionary definition of Running – “to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride”.

It is technically correct, but does not truly convey the physical movements, the internal workings, and the health benefits of doing the exercise. These are best discovered in the actual practice.

The chi flow in the body may be likened to an electrical system. If there is not enough insulation on the wires (nerves), or the circuits are connected improperly, the system can short-circuit or otherwise malfunction. Obviously, you do not want this happening to your body.

Chi Gung practice includes a focus on fundamental exercises such as correct postural alignment when standing still and shifting weight, twisting, and breathing deeply and smoothly. It also includes specific exercises to increase your internal awareness and directly move ‘chi’ (energy) – it is these internal movements that lay the foundation for better health and wellness.

Most forms of exercise in the West promote prolonged cardiovascular training (e.g. running and cycling) or muscular strength training (lifting weights). This becomes a barrier to participation, particular as a person ages, becomes sick or is injured. Chi Gung offers a highly effective alternative form of exercise for those with reduced capacity.

Chi Gung complements regular exercise, with the most common benefits being improved aerobic capacity, flexibility and recovery time.

In a society where technology demands more and more of our attention, Chi Gung exercise brings you back to relaxation and reminds you of the importance of awareness and feeling.

What is Dragon & Tiger Medical Chi Gung (Qi Gong)?

Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung is a 1,500-year-old self-healing system where the movements trace the acupuncture meridian lines to move and disperse stagnant chi, improve circulation and raise energy levels.

The set consists of only seven simple movements, making it relatively easy to learn and quick to practice, but also challenging enough to encourage ongoing (deeper) practice.

Even when done imperfectly, by people with limited energy or range of motion, or by those who are sick or wheelchair bound, this qigong set is immensely beneficial.

Dragon & Tiger Chi Gung is one of six powerful chi gung sets taught by Bruce Frantzis as part of his Energy Arts™ Program, which are widely considered to be the highest quality Taoist teachings available in the West.